Property Management

Crystal Valuers Ltd undertakes management of both commercial and residential properties with a personalized approach to each of its landlords.

Our team comprises of highly skilled and most experienced property managers, caretakers and accountants. Plus we use the latest technology in computer accounting and property management to keep track of your precious property. Our services include but not limited to management of commercial

(office blocks, shopping complexes), residential and industrial properties which involves collection of rent, negotiating and administration of leases, maintenance of the buildings and preparation of statements of accounts among other duties.

This department also deals with maintenance of controlled parking silos. This involves collection of parking fees, administration of parking licenses and general maintenance of the parking.

Crystal Valuers Ltd advices landlords accordingly on matters relating to properties e.g. taxes legal suits arising from tenancies, improvements of properties, security, cleaning etc.,

This helps to ensures that landlords have peace of mind on their property investment.

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